Last modified on Monday, February 24th 2014 at 6:47 PM.

AToMS (AMI Teleconsultation and Monitoring System)

AToMS is a system for remote decision support on the elegibility of AMI patients to thrombolytic treatment.

FLAME (Flexible and Lightweight Active Measurement Environment)

FLAME is a platform for the rapid prototyping of active measurement tools. You can download the platform and find installation instructions here. More details about the platform objectives and design can be found here.

IMT (Interface Model Transformation System)

IMT is a transformational system, based on the Eclipse platform, for the automatic code generation of graphical user interfaces (GUI) for Health Information Systems (HIS). As input, the system gets clinical data models that follow the openEHR specifications, associated with architectural descriptions inspired by constructs present in the Acme ADL. As output, the system provides GUI code for HIS. The generated code is a skeleton intended for mitigating the overall development effort and for guiding developers of HIS to build the complete functional system. An MDD technique was developed for this system, based on a repository of reusable ATL rules that drive the transformation processes. The MDD technique embodies a strategy for combining both models that consists in an architectural style that describes GUI properties. These properties allow enriching components defined on HIS families - themselves also described as architectural styles - with GUI information. In this strategy, not only the implementation of HIS, but also the specification of transformation rules can be simplified, allowing cost reduction on HIS development. It is worth mentioning that the research effort presented herein is part of a broader project, called SPLiCE, which aims at the automatic synthesis of skeletons of complete HIS based on the combination of MDD and software product line (SPL) techniques.

More details about the system objectives and design can be found here. You can download the Ecore metamodels and ATL rules that are employed by the IMT system here.

MoGrid (Mobile Grid Middleware)

MoGrid is a middleware that gives support for the development of mobile multihop ad-hoc grid applications. You can download the middleware implementation for Windows or Linux. Installation instructions are within the packages.